About Us

To enrich the commercial-indstrial sector and to fulfill the various financial needs of the merchants from Tirurangadi Taluk, like minded people of this area planned to form a co-operative initiative in the year of 2007. This movement gave birth to Tirurangadi Merchantile Co-operative Society.

This society’s primary objective is to bring Economic, Social and Cultural prosperity of merchants and traders. We aim to help traders to get quality products from the manufacturing sector directly by giving required financial aids. We also aims to extend our support to health and educational sector for our members.

Within a short span of time, Tirurangadi Merchanitle Co-operative Society became a very famous name in the co-operative sector and became a profitable entity. We achieved this goal by the dedication of our management and staff. Now we can proudly say that, we became a great boon to the merchants from the unorganized sector.

Now we offer various deposit and loan schemes to our valuable customers. We offer financial aid to our members by pledging gold ornaments in an attractive scheme. We also offers our helping hands to rural as well as cottage industries in this area.


To build Economic, Social and Cultural prosperity of merchants and traders


To build Co-operation, Attitude, Moderate, Self-sufficient, Helping mentality, Saving Habbit, Social Consciousness, Integrated Development among the members by giving awareness and motivation and give support to plan and implement projects to attains these goals